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NRG Health & Wellness | Services | Health Services

Health Services

We offer health services that are tailored specifically for you and your bodies needs.  We listen to your concerns and then guide you along the way to help you achieve optimal health.  Our health services are designed to help you reach your goals so you can live your best life.


NRG Health & Wellness | Services | Recovery Services

Recovery Services

Our Recovery services are for everyone, whether you are a seasoned athlete & need to recover from hard workouts, or if you are just a weekend warrior.  We offer our recovery services to help you get back to feeling amazing and doing the things you love.


NRG Health & Wellness | Services | Wellness Services

Wellness Services

Our wellness services are one of a kind.  As with our "Health services" we also want to help you achieve optimum wellness.  Our wellness programs incorporate all aspects of you life, helping you feel amazing with more confidence and more energy.  


NRG Health & Wellness | Services | KT Taping

KT Taping

We offer KT Taping for those who need a little extra support when performing and training.  KT Tape works by providing extra support during movement and by lifting the skin to allow inflammation to move out so blood can get in to heal and help the body recover.  


NRG Health & Wellness | Services | Weight Management services

Weight Management

We offer weight management services.  When our bodies don't function like they should... they struggle to function correctly making it difficult to loose weight.  Our weight management programs help you reach you goals in a way that optimizes your health.


NRG Health & Wellness | Services | Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition is the center of most of our programs.  We use nutrition to help shift your body from sickness to health.  Good nutrition is at the center for optimal health, improved wellness, sport recovery and performance, and especially with weight loss.


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