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Weight Management

> Our Weight Management programs are tailored to your own very unique needs, wants, and goals.  Weight management is not simple as a lot of people will tell you.  IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT CALORIES IN VS CALORIES OUT!  There are so many things that determine the success of the patient and whether or not they reach their goals.  Most personal trainers will put you through a fitness evaluation that may provide some answers to how good of shape you are in,  They even might talk with you about nutrition or even recommend a specific diet to follow, like Keto, ect.  However I believe that to make real change, just like with our country, our past determines where we are or how we got there.  So I believe to be successful it is important that you must know what all you are eating.  Most individuals have no clue what all they put in their mouths to munch on during the day.  This is usually eye opening to most of my clients.  

All my clients will write down for 5 days what all they ate or snacked on and then will receive a nutritional analysis of their 5 day nutrititon.  I will then discuss their goals, assess their medical history, and then they will receive an injury risk screen; which tells me not only how functional their movement is, but also their risk of getting injury.  Their workout plan will include exercise to help decrease those risks a long with a program designed to help them either reach their goals, improve their health, and live a healthier disease free life. 
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