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KT Taping

KT Taping was originally developed by Kenzo Kase in 1970 as an alternative treatment for athletes.  KT Tape lifts the skin which allows blood and lymphatic fluid to flow allowing your immune system to clean and get rid of the inflammation.  KT tape is flexible so it does not restrict movement, as athletic tape does.  KT tape improves circulation, supports muscles, prevents further injury to the muscle/s or joint, and helps the body to heal internally.  A lot of people try to do this by them selves, but without the proper knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, and how the body moves... the tape job might not be as affective as if you were to have someone trained tape you.  We offer KT Taping separately or as an add on to any of our treatments. Book with us today or schedule a free 10 min phone consult with us.  You can reach us at 480-532-1219 or you can schedule with us online.   

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